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Hurricane Season is Here - Be Prepared

As Spring moves Summer in Banderas Bay, our weather also changes. Along with the increased temperatures and humidity comes the threat of tropical weather. While Banderas Bay enjoys the status of "hurricane hole", that doesn't mean we'll never see hurricanes. Regardless of how many times you've heard "I never happens here", those who have been here for a while will tell you, it actually has happened.

The first named storm of the season is now gaining strength off the coast, and current predictions indicate that there is a chance of it coming this way. Do you know what you would do if a severe storm entered the bay?

Being prepared for heavy weather is something every sailor understands, but those of us living on the beach should equally be prepared. One of the most important things you can do is to stay informed about developing weather. The VYC web page has a collection of weather resources at

Preparedness also means other things. Do you have a plan? NOAA has an excellent summary of what it takes to put together a plan here:

Be prepared, be safe, and have a wonderful summer!

UPDATE: As of mid-day Sunday, at Category 4, Hurricane Amanda is now the most powerful Pacific hurricane on record for the month of May. The good news is that it is expected to reduce to a low pressure system by midweek next week, well before it comes ashore.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 May 2014 11:32


The Vallarta Yacht Club qualified 14 sailors to compete in the “2014 Nacional Joven Olimpiadas” sailing division; resulting in our VYC’ers receiving 8 of the State of Nayarit’s 11 earned medals. As the official Nayarit Optimist coach, our Eugenie Russell is credited for 2 additional medals awarded to Amber Lopez of the Navy’s Optimist program. Additionally, representing the State of Jalisco along with Coach Oscar Sanchez, 4 of our Windsurf sailors proudly competed with Paula Carmona receiving a medal as 1st place among females in her division.

There were a total of 186 competing young Mexican sailors representing 13 States with Nayarit ranking 4thin total medals; trailing only the states of Mexico and Quintana Roo and, the Federal District. Of the 53 competition sports comprising the 2014 Olimpiadas, Sailing is the only sport to date to win any medals for Nayarit

All of the VYC sailors did well, many participating in these national Olympic games for the first time. In the younger age groups of the Optimist class, medals are awarded for each day. In that respect, a highlight of determined progression was that of VYC Optimist class, Martina Boga de Teresa who was awarded medals of: Bronze (Day 1), Silver (Day 2) and Gold (Day 3) earning herself a solid Silver medal for the Overall rating.

Below is the full list of our young competitors and the medals received:


  • Martina Boga de Teresa (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Overall Silver)
  • Amber Lopez (Gold & Overall Bronze)
  • Emilio Luna Castillo
  • Carlos Sainz Meza (Overall Bronze)
  • Daniela Sainz Meza


  • Paul Moreno McCarthy
  • Christopher Sainz Farias (Overall Bronze)*
  • Juan Pablo Tron Maza 


  • Paula Carmona Plascencia (Overall Gold)
  • Cristina Ortiz Vivas (Overall Gold)*
  • Andrea Ortiz Vivas (Overall Silver)*
  • Liam Santa Cruz Cantrell
  • Emiliano Stachowiak Grimaldi
  • Adrian Varela Barba
  • Juan Bosco Varela Barba (Overall Silver)

*Former VYC

Please join us next week at VYC in congratulating all these athletes!

Last Updated on Saturday, 10 May 2014 17:14

Commodore's Corner - Have a Great Summer

Since the election your new Board has been working towards meeting the goals we set for ourselves and will continue to work through the summer so that we’ll be ready to begin our new season when we officially open on November 2. We have an Audit Committee in place, our Membership Chair Charlotte is working on some great ideas for next year, Dick and Andy are working on the BBR publicity and other fun “on the water” activities, Diane and her committee have developed some fun activities for next season, Dee and I are working on other projects and ideas we have for the club and Mario is working on an Accounting Manual. We hope to have much information to share at our first Monthy Membership Meeting in November.

As the season winds down I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and fun summer. Most of our members are now at their “other” home and I hope you are enjoying your families and friends at lakes, rivers, BBQs, backyard get-togethers, or where ever and however you spend your summer. For those members who live here in sunny warm Mexico enjoy the quiet time of year. If you are here in Mexico this summer (either living or vacationing) I encourage you to visit the club as often as you can – the staff gets really bored when most of us leave!

Also remember OptiNam (the Optimist North American Championship) is being held at VYC July 9 thru 16thand if you can make it back down here to volunteer to help out it would be much appreciated. Contact Linda Green for additional information on this multi-country Regatta. If you are already here please consider volunteering to help make this event the success that all of our other Regattas have been.

Happy Summer to Everyone – I’ll see you in November.

Ricki Williams - Commodore

Last Updated on Saturday, 10 May 2014 10:40

Sunday Cookouts at VYC

The grill is fired up at VYC for a Sunday cookout! Joint your friends every Sunday at VYC for a cook-your-own barbeque on our grill!

You don't even have to bring your own stuff - we will provide beef hamburgers, chicken burgers or beef hot dogs (plus the buns and toppings) for only 60 pesos, and we will fire up the grill just for you and your family.

As always on Sunday, the bar is open for your favorite drinks, and the game will be on!

VYC's Las Animas Out Station Going Strong

Did you know that VYC has an out station? Several years ago, a few dedicated members approached the owners of the El Coral Restaurant in Las Animas with the idea of establishing an ongoing outport for VYC members on that wonderful secluded beach. The result was a long and happy partnership with one of the best beach restaurants in Banderas Bay!

Members of VYC are offered a 10% discount at El Coral. Additionally, thanks to the generous donations of members over the years, El Coral has a domino set, Bocce Balls, a kayak and a stand-up paddleboard available to VYC members.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 March 2014 13:58
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