This may be rushing it a bit; but I do want to be among the first to welcome all of you back to our VYC “Paradise” for the next season of fun activities ashore and an exciting variety of Club, Regional, National and International sailing competitions.

Our Youth Members, as usual, are way ahead of the rest of us, as they have started school and resumed regular weekday sailing lessons. Sunday, the 12th of November is the official Opening Day commemorating VYC’s 15th Anniversary. November 18th & 19th will see the Club hosting the regional Regata de Revolucion with the Fall Junior Sailing Fundraiser and welcoming the 9 – 15 large power boats making the CUBAR Rally from the San Diego Yacht Club.. The following week is Thanksgiving and December 2nd is our annual charity Taste of Nuevo and Chili Cook-off event. Also, in December, we will have our annual Christmas Open House (as in “ Christmas Tree Decorating Party”) and Christmas Dinner.

I am pretty sure most of you well remember that our club chef of nearly 13 years decided to move on in his career. And unfortunately for us members, he resigned this past April. We did not attempt to replace him during the slack summer months because Vidal very aptly was able to satisfy our summertime kitchen cuisine demands. Rudy did hire a very well qualified chef who already amazing us with his culinary skills as he began his employment at VYC in September. If you can, I suggest you come back a bit earlier this year to help us all select his menu items for this coming season.

If you attended or read the Minutes of the 2017 AGM or saw it in the previous Commodore’s Corner; your Board of Directors has established the new dues structure for all Plankowners and Gold & Red Flag members. The key points are that we have all membership renewals coming due on January 1 and we offer ONLY Part-time and Full-time Flag memberships. If a member wants to pay for their membership by the month, they will need to pay an additional finance fee for that arrangement. These new Plankowner and Flag memberships have dues amounts set at $500 for a Part-time 6 months and $850 for a Full-time 12 month period. If a member wants to pay dues monthly, the membership is $525 (525/6 = $87.50 per month) for Part-time and $900 (900/12 = $75.00 per month) for Full-time. The 2 and 4 months minimum are still in place as originally intended to be used if a member was absent from the area for a year or more period of time to keep the membership in good standing.. A different way of saying it is: “an excused absence that was allowed if the member gave a written request to the Club Treasurer”.

These actions regarding our dues structure were found to be necessary to 1) meet the lagging financial means to meet the Club’s fixed costs and 2) reduce the ongoing accounting load placed upon the club administrative staff.

Lastly, I wish to inform you that we have reached a written agreement with the Paradise Marina to pay VYC a monthly limited privileges membership fee (donation) for the Captain and full-time crew of each boat at least 80 feet in length; that rents a slip for one month or more.

Dan Green